Buddhism Travels West

Although Buddhism spread throughout Asia it remained virtually unknown in the West until modern times. The early missions sent by the emperor Ashoka to the West did not bear fruit.


Date: September 30, 2018 08:47 PM

   ELECTRICITY BILL AND DRINKING WATER: In the past, Khangtsen collected money from each individual monk towards their payment of electricity bills. However, for years, we stopped collecting the electric charges barring the handful, who owned refrigerators. As regarding drinking water, Khangtsen had installed mini filters to provide potable water to the monks. Given that the current filter is fails to produce the required capacity of water, it needs constant maintenance such as change of filters and so forth. Instability of electricity also often damages the filtering machine, thereby requiring unexpected repairing and services to provide clean, potable water.

           Estimate yearly cost: Indian Rs.1,20,000/