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Buddhism Travels West

Although Buddhism spread throughout Asia it remained virtually unknown in the West until modern times. The early missions sent by the emperor Ashoka to the West did not bear fruit.


Sera Jey Tsangpa khangtsen is one of the thirteen Hostels of Sera Jey Monastic University. It was founded by Kunkhen lodoe Rinchen Sangaywa (Founder of Sera Jey Monastery) in his later part of life as a small Tsangpa Metsen [smaller than Khangtsen ] in 15th century. At that time due to not many monks and less financial support to establish itself as Khangtsen [Tibetan word for hostel] it remain as Metsen under Darti Khantsen. Later 72nd Gaden Tripa [highest seat holder of Gelugpa School] Ven. Jamphal Tsultrim established Tsangpa Metsen as Tsangpa Khangtsen in 1832. At that same period Tibetan Government's letter dated 14th November1832 to Sera Monastery has stated as below.

" Administers and monks of Sera must bear in mind, Ganden Tripa Jamphel Tsultrim has been enthroned, hence, as earlier Tripa's traditional system, Sera Je Tsangpa Khangtsen can hoist a cloth victory banner on roof top of its assembly hall, do perform the ceremonial activities as the occasion commanded."

Since than Sera Jey Tsangpa Metsen became to known as Sera Jey Tsangpa Kahngtsen.

Tsangpa Khangtsen has produced numerous Buddhist Scholars that it is popularly known as the one of the main source of highly learned Scholars. Till date it has produce four Ganden Tripa( highest Gelugpa throne holder) and 12 abbots.

Before 1959 Tsangpa Khangtsen has 250 to 300 monks now we have overall, 200 members of monks (that include around fifty monks who are residing outside).

Traditional Tibetan regions from where the monks join Tsangpa Khangtsen are: Gyaltse, Lhatse, NamlingShang, Ngamring, Sakya, Woyuk and Yardok Dhopo.


Geshis and Elder Monk

Presently we have about ten Geshis. There are four Geshis permanently residing in West preaching Budhha's Message of Love and Compassion for World peace. Others are taking responsiblity to rear the younger ones here through giving teaching other means like guiding and taking care of young monks' day to day needs. We have about 80 monks enroll in Buddhist Philosophy Class. Most of them are from Tibet. They have taken immense difficulties to cross border to take refuge here in India. They sacrifice everything to get blessing of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and gain the opportunity to study Buddhism that is restricted in Tibet. We are very grateful to our supporters and well wishers for their generous contributions which have enable us to afford Hostel for them and serve them in any possible ways to make them comfortable and indulge in their hard earn study opportunity without any hindrance.


School Children

We have about 30 young monks attending Sera Jey Secondary School (SJSS). They are from very poor family. Most of them are from Himalayan range bordering Tibet. Their parents are traditionally Buddhist but lacking Buddhist Studies. So here in Sera Jey Tsangpa Khangtsen we took responsibility to arrange a residential Master for them and we provide room for their stay too. We are also responsible for their upbringing. Here they have opportunity to study Buddha Dharma with Modern Education that is provided by the SJSS.