Welcome to Sera Jey Tsangpa khangtsen

Sera Jey Tsangpa khangtsen is one of the thirteen Hostels of Sera Jey Monastic University. It was founded by Kunkhen lodoe Rinchen Sangaywa (Founder of Sera Jey Monastery) in his later part of life as a small Tsangpa Metsen [smaller than Khangtsen ] in 15th century. At that time due to not many monks and less financial support to establish itself as Khangtsen [Tibetan word for hostel] it remain as Metsen under Darti Khantsen. Later 72nd Gaden Tripa [highest seat holder of Gelugpa School] Ven. Jamphal Tsultrim established Tsangpa Metsen as Tsangpa Khangtsen in 1832. At that same period Tibetan Government's letter dated 14th November1832 to Sera Monastery has stated as below.